New exhibition at LCI Barcelona's hall
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New exhibition at LCI Barcelona's hall

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September 19, 2019

Coinciding with the beginning of the 2019-2020 academic year, the entrance to our campus hosts a new exhibition which comprises ten projects developed by students from different programs:

Fashion Design

  • Silvia Martí, Sara Bailac and Lluís Colom (2nd year) – Casa Bonay uniforms.
  • Emma Picanyol (4th year) – "Come Alive" (Second Prize LCI Barcelona DYSTOPIAS).
  • Julia Velázquez (4th year) – "The project/".
  • Paola De Casas (Postgraduate Degree in Footwear Design) – "Archival".

Product Design

  • Alicia López (1st year) – "Sea waste will not disappear like this ice cube".
  • Arianna Capelli (3rd year) – "Food Chain".

Interior Design

  • Maria Lledó (2nd year) – "A Nouvelle Creation".
  • Gabriela Fuertes (Official Master's Degree in Experiential Interior Design) – "Responsive surfaces: Elements that enhance emotions and generate memories".

Graphic Design

  • Desirée Navarro (2nd year) – "Milagritos".
  • Ferran Sánchez and David Miñano (Specialization Course in Design of Interactive Interfaces - UX & UI Design) – "Skälfest".

The exhibition is located at campus hall

All the projects are arranged in panels whose back includes an explanation of their creation process with illustrative images of each stage. Come to visit us at Balmes street 209 and don't miss this new exhibition!

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