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New exhibition at the main hall of LCI Barcelona

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July 17, 2018

The campus entrance has been renewed with the installation of a sample of ten final projects developed by our students:

Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design

  • Elba Blanco – "Forditopy" (First Prize LCI Barcelona Graduation Fest).
  • Shukhrat Khodjaev – "No gender, no age. Build your life" (Second Prize LCI Barcelona Graduation Fest).
  • Clara Corominas – "Periplo" (Second Prize LCI Barcelona Graduation Fest).
  • Carlos Barrutia – "Enemies".
  • Tania Marcial – "Screw you".

Official Master's Degree in Technological Product Design (in partnership with Eurecat)

  • Enara Agirrezabala – "Jabe" (Best Final Project of Master's Degree in Product Design).
  • Irene Grasa – "Sikher".
  • Marina Caubet Canals – "GluBot".
  • Pablo Carasa – "InHu".
  • Sílvia Cases – "Kud".

All the projects include an explanation in several languages and they are accompanied by a promotional video (in the case of fashion works this is the fashion film of each collection). Two looks, one by Elba and one by Shukhrat, have been placed in the middle of the hall. Come to Balmes 209 and don't miss our exhibition!

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