LCI Barcelona's first virtual fashion show makes its big public release
"The future is a blank canvas"

LCI Barcelona's first virtual fashion show makes its big public release

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February 05, 2021

Last week we publicly released "The future is a blank canvas", the virtual fashion show with the collections made by the students (already graduated) of Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design class of 2020. This concludes a journey of many months during which our students have been able not only to conceive, design and tailor a total of 304 looks, but also to reinvent themselves and give the best of themselves in the face of the pandemic challenges

After the presentation of an exclusive preview at the last edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion and the private premiere for the designers and their families held in mid-December, we have now launched a microsite that also includes videos of each of the collections, interviews with their authors and a talent book with all the creations portrayed by the students of the Photography area. So far, these videos have accumulated almost 2,500 views on YouTube.

The virtual fashion show was filmed on the campus in early September

From the School we want to congratulate, first of all, the 38 students who have reflected their talent and creativity in each of the garments: Alba Ayza, Ana Giménez, Anna Ferrer, Carla Amado, Carla Reyes, Celine Meroni, Changting Wu, Clara Caixàs, Claudia Marina, Eduard Font, Elena Fernández, Eulalia Alcaraz, Georgina Zamblau, Haidé Canós, Helena Caballero, Helena Cáceres, Ivette Crespo, Jon Alkain, Judith Casasús, Judit Itarte, Judith Parejo, Maria Àngel Orench, Maria Anglés, Maria de la Fuente, Mariona Seira, Marta Campos, Mayte Sanahuja, Montse López, Natalia Sorribas, Paola Molet, Paula Ferragut, Queralt Orriols, Rebeca Gómez, Ricard Baldomà, Rita Mercadal, Shenying He, Silvia Blanco and Teresa Gallardo.

None of this would have been possible without the great work of the professors who have accompanied them throughout the whole process: Gabriel Torres, project manager; Manuel Bolaño, Estefania Feu, Blanca Isus, Montse Liarte, Sergio Pastor (Spastor), Sophia Pega and Jessica Raya (SSIC AND PAUL), design tutors; Susanna Canalda, María Costa and Fran Jiménez, pattern making tutors; and Daniel Cantó, communication tutor and responsible for the interviews with the students. Other professors, professionals and companies that we highlight in our blog have also collaborated in the project.

Preview of "The future is a blank canvas" released at 080

As Estel Vilaseca, head of the Fashion area (and art director of the fashion show together with Salvatore Elefante, head of the Photography area) explained to us, "these are very personal collections in which manual work stands out in general, both in the manipulation of the fabrics and in the design of the prints, as well as very special patterns and high quality finishes". Estel remarked that sustainability is becoming more and more important in each new class and described the preparation of this virtual fashion show as "a challenge with a great ending for both the students and the staff and professors of the School who wanted to participate in such a special experience".

Our head of the Fashion area also took the opportunity to congratulate this new generation of designers: "To have finished their projects in this complex context is without a doubt a great feat, and I am sure that for them it will be important to have been able to close their academic stage with a complete fashion collection".

Looks from Teresa Gallardo's collection "Ripple" (Image: Heidi Cavazos)

Congratulations to the already #MadeInLCI alumni and thanks to all of you who have helped make "The future is a blank canvas" a great success!

Cover image: Looks from Alba Ayza's collection "Vida, Poesía eres tú" (Image: Virgilio Gomes).

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