LCI Barcelona lights up Llum BCN with "Circadian Rhythms"
Llum BCN

LCI Barcelona lights up Llum BCN with "Circadian Rhythms"

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February 13, 2020

Llum BCN is back. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when night falls, light will transform the Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou into a research lab for artists around the world. Creators who use light, movement, virtual reality or AI to explore new forms and meanings for public space and widen the limits of human perception.

This year, our School will make its debut at Barcelona festival of light arts with "Circadian Rhythms", an installation created by students of the Official Master in Experiential Interior Design and the Official Master in Creation and Development of Interactive Digital Projects. This space, which can be seen in Simon's showroom (Sancho de Ávila street, 66), consists of seven computer-generated interactive experiences. All of them are made up of a specific idea or sensation in relation to life cycles as a unifying concept.

"Circadian Rhythms" is an immersive installation that reflects, in real time, the visitor's vital signs and state of mind through light. According to Pedro Coelho, head of the Interior Design area: "It is about showing how light can read our bio-data and communicate it". For more information about the project, click here.

You can enjoy "Circadian Rhythms" in Simon's showroom (Sancho de Ávila street, 66)

Don't miss Llum BCN festival this weekend and discover the incredible work of our students!


- Students: Juliana Agapito, Catalina Cardona, Josué Cherres, Michelle de Dios, Zhan Guozheng, Adriana Moreno, Yenifer Rocero, Juan Camilo Rodríguez, Marina Story, Maria Paula Vega, Natalia Agudelo, María José Álvarez, Irati Bideguren, Johana Carrillo, Regina Garcia, Eloisa González, Alejandra Hidalgo, Karen Mejía, Daniel Monroy, Caroline Moreno, Allison Ruiz, Susana Valle, María Fernanda Zamora, Valeria Arce, Astrid Lorena Carmona, Clara Layti, Francisco José Miño, Manuela Navarro, María Gabriela Nieto and Luisa Fernanda Rosario.

- Project managers: Carmelo Zappulla, Pedro Coelho, David Dalmazzo and Vianella Maestra.

- Partner: ProtoPixel.

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