LCI Barcelona expands its program offer with 11 online masters

LCI Barcelona expands its program offer with 11 online masters

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April 13, 2020

Week by week, our School has been adapting to the changing situation caused by COVID-19 in a flexible way and with a quick capacity to react. Thanks to the online class continuity plan that we activated a month ago, students have been able to continue their training from home and safe from the virus. We will return to face-to-face activity when the official organisms determine it, but at LCI Barcelona we defend the maximum change is a chance and we continue working with the objective of turning this global challenge into an opportunity to grow.

Today we can officially announce the launch of 11 online masters for the academic year 2020-2021 that have been rethought based on face-to-face programs using a new learning methodology. The complete offer, which includes masters from different areas, can be found at the following link.

This initiative is created with the aim of helping those people who, for any reason, cannot travel to Barcelona to study with us. Because of the current situation the option of taking an online master's degree from anywhere in the world will contribute to not slowing the academic progression of new professionals from the world of design and creative industries.

Virtual training also brings other advantages such as the opportunity to enjoy interventions by experts and professionals from all over the planet (including professors from different LCI Education campuses), as well as the possibility that our professors can collaborate remotely in other programs of the network.

Discover the new LCI Barcelona online masters now!

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