The LCI Barcelona community collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

The LCI Barcelona community collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

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March 23, 2020

In view of the serious situation caused by COVID-19 these weeks, many people and companies have set out to help in the battle against the virus. From LCI Barcelona we join the fight by creating this space to spread all initiatives and projects in which members of our community collaborate. We are so proud, #WeAreLCI!

04/02       Let's lift our spirits!

We propose you a new challenge to bring out a smile among your neighbours: develop any type of creation that you can install on the balcony, in the elevator of your building or on the community staircase and share your proposals on social media using the hashtag #DiseñoTerapia (remember to tag us!). More information here.

What will you do to share your talent with the neighbours?

04/01       LibreGuard masks continue to help fight COVID-19

Hospital de Sant Pau, Hospital Parc TaulíFundación El MaresmeFundación Aspace Catalunya... these are many of the medical centers that are receiving the LibreGuard protective masks that we help to produce. We are very proud to be part of this maker initiative in which different professionals, labs and companies collaborate and which requires great logistical coordination of materials and production.

Source: LibreGuard Instagram

03/30       Don't let confinement stop your creativity

We propose you a challenge: to share on social media the photographs of your confinement using the hashtag #FotosConfinamiento (remember to tag us!). We will select the best images and we will set up an exhibition on our campus that will be inaugurated when we are all back. More information here.

What will you surprise us with?

03/27       Isolation capsules for people affected by the virus
        The 1st year Interior students are doing from their homes a class exercise consisting of designing an isolation capsule for people affected by COVID-19 using sea containers. We will keep you informed!
03/25       LibreGuard masks are arriving at their destination



Today, 270 visors for LibreGuard masks have been manufactured in our TecnoFab, and the 100 units produced yesterday are already being distributed in kit form (together with PET sheets and double-sided tape) in health centers such as Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. In just two days, LCI Barcelona has produced 370 protective visors that will be very useful in the fight against COVID-19.

Our visors have already arrived to the Hospital Clínic

03/25       Recycled and fashionable masks


      The 2nd year Fashion students are creating their own masks from materials they have at home. This is an exercise in sustainable design to boost creativity whose original results will help to lift our spirits in these difficult times. We will be sharing the different proposals!


03/24       We join the LibreGuard initiative!

This Tuesday, about 100 protective visors were made with our TecnoFab laser cutter as part of LibreGuard project, a free DIY mask to stop the COVID-19 spread. The design is the work of a group coordinated by Raul Nieves, professor of the LCI Barcelona Official Master in Technological Product Design, and the Escola Massana. These visors are subsequently assembled with protective plastic sheets and distributed in the medical centers that need them.

Professor Citlali Hernández making visors in our TecnoFab

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