The LCI Barcelona community collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

The LCI Barcelona community collaborates in the fight against COVID-19

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May 03, 2020

In view of the serious situation caused by COVID-19 these weeks, many people and companies have set out to help in the battle against the virus. From LCI Barcelona we join the fight by creating this space to spread all initiatives and projects in which members of our community collaborate. We are so proud, #WeAreLCI!

06/30       LCI Barcelona begins the new normal
        We are very happy to announce that we have started to resume face-to-face academic activity at the campus following the relevant hygiene and security protocols against COVID-19. After these months of confinement, we love being able to gradually recover normality and meet again with our community, and we want to take this opportunity to thank students, professors and staff members for their commitment, effort and dedication during the crisis. More information here.


06/15       Online masterclass by Nelson Dieguez and Cassandra Stuyt
        Branding and photography come together in our next online masterclass, which will take place this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time)Nelson Dieguez, founder of the branding partner dom, and Cassandra Stuyt, LCI Barcelona professor and expert in digital photo retouching, will discuss the importance of creating a strong, identifiable and coherent brand identity and how photography can be a very effective differentiation strategy. More information here.


06/10       #MadeInLCI video tips for (de)confinement: Ariadna Ruiz
        Do you want to read a book about fashion but you don't know which one to choose? Ariadna Ruiz, student of our Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, tells us about the books she has been collecting since she started the degree.


06/08       Online masterclass by Renato Roldan
        This Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) we will travel aboard the Millennium Falcon with Renato Roldan, designer and art director of King, who will talk us about the technical and artistic process he followed to create May the Force 2020, his animated short film inspired by the Star Wars saga. More information here.


06/05       #MadeInLCI video tips for (de)confinement: Paula Martorell
        The deconfinement is already underway and little by little we are approaching a new reality, but the members of our community continue to send us their video tips to brighten up the time we spend at home. Today, the student of the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design Paula Martorell recommends us different books and movies.


06/02       Online masterclass by Jesús Vázquez Viedma (updated)
        The director of our Master in Fashion Marketing, Communication and Event Planning and CEO of JVV Representación y Eventos returns to LCI Barcelona's cycle of online masterclass to continue analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on fashion communication. Sign up for this Thursday's session at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) by clicking here.


05/22       Online masterclass by Julen Morrás
        This Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) we invite you to the session "Paris, capital of fashion: 7 iconic looks that made history" by Julen Morrás, a designer who combines his work as product manager at Lydia Delgado with his other great passion: collecting fashion magazines. More information here.


05/18       Online masterclass by Carmelo Zappulla
        Next Tuesday, May 26th at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) enjoy the online session "Emotional landscape" by PhD Carmelo Zappulla, co-founder of External Reference Architects and director of our Official Master in Experiential Interior Design. More information here.


05/14       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Alba Filella
        Deescalation has already started, but there are still weeks of confinement during which we will have to spend a lot of time at home. Alba Filella, professor of our Higher Diploma in 2D and 3D Animation, recommends us different series, podcasts and video games to inspire and distract us these days.


05/12       Innovation project in the small business
        At the end of the year, our School will coordinate a window dressing contest with the Architects' Association of Catalonia. The students of the Interior Design area will develop different proposals to promote local commerce, which has been greatly affected by COVID-19.

05/10       Online masterclass by Gema Requena
        The current crisis is altering the rules. But, what will come next?, how can we face an unprecedented scenario? Find out next Thursday, May 14th at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) with the online masterclass "COVID-19, sustainability and digitalization: the factors and trends that are changing the world" by trend researcher Gema Requena. More information here.


05/08       Online masterclass by Javirroyo
        Next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) the designer and illustrator Javirroyo will give the online session "Think > Illustrate > Share", in which he will teach us how to extract our best ideas, link them and formalize them simple and powerful way through diagrams and illustration. More information here.


05/04       Online masterclass by Ernest Perera
        This Thursday at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time), the head of the Product Design area will talk about Aflote, the design, social integration and sustainability project in which our students have collaborated by developing prototypes of life jackets from recycled cork stoppers. More information here


05/03       Student Thaísa Plein designs a decalogue on the confinement for the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
        Our student from the Higher Diploma in Graphic and Digital Design has collaborated with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona by producing the infographics for the campaign "10 tips for families for healthy confinement". We have talked to her to get more details about the project and how she has lived this experience. Read her interview here


05/01       Online masterclass by Olga de la Iglesia
        Next Tuesday, May 5th at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) the artist and photographer Olga de la Iglesia will give the session "Culture, colors and emotion: Olga de la Iglesia and her creative process". More information here.


04/30       Video mapping today at 9:30 p.m.
        Our alumni Alessio Chinni will show his video mapping projection live today at José Carlos and Mauricio Bartolo, students of the Master in 3D Animation and VFX, will also participate. Remember the interview that Alessio gave us.


04/30       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Clàudia Martorell
        Clàudia Martorell, student of our Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, proposes us several programs and documentaries that will brighten up the remaining weeks of confinement. And, for when all this is over, she recommends a bookstore aimed at fashion lovers.


04/28       Online masterclass by Cassandra Stuyt
        This Thursday, April 30th at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) discover the keys of the photo retouching in the session "Flying donut: Photo montage applied to advertising" by professor Cassandra Stuyt. More information here.


04/27       Alumni Alessio Chinni's video mapping during confinement
        Don't miss alumni Alessio Chinni's (Master in 3D Animation and VFX) video mapping initiative to pay tribute to the healthcare staff and make the confinement of his neighbours more bearable. Read here the interview he gave us.


04/25       Online masterclass by Miguel Miranda
        Next Tuesday, April 28th at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) we will explore the world of 3D animation in the masterclass "Forever and ever: artistic and technical process in creating characters" by the modeler Miguel Miranda. More information here.


04/24       Passejada amb Barret Virtual
        Did you know that the Passejada amb Barret is being held this Sunday virtually? Our professor Nina Pawlowsky, one of the organizers of the event, explains us what it will consist of. Read her interview.


04/23       Create your own rose for Sant Jordi
        This April 23rd the streets are empty and the hospitals are full of heroes. Help make Sant Jordi 2020 more special by creating your own rose with creativity as its limit. Share a photo of your work on social media, tag us and use the hashtags #MadeInLCI and #WeAreLCI.


04/23       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: David Gómez
        Video games, documentaries, YouTube channels... Write down all the recommendations of David Gómez, professor of our Higher Diploma in Video Game Design.


04/21       Online masterclass by Paola Cirelli
        This Thursday, April 23rd at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) enjoy a creative Sant Jordi from home with the session "New business models for fashion. Keys: design thinking and creativity" by professor Paola Cirelli. More information here.


04/20       Fashion students create masks from recycled materials
        Our community takes advantage of its talent to transform confinement into a creative opportunity. Discover the more than 50 models of masks made by 2nd year Fashion students from recycled materials. Read the full article.


04/18       Online masterclass by Marc Salinas
        New schedule for our online masterclass cycle so you can take to the balcony to applaud! Next Tuesday, April 21st at 6:30 p.m. (Barcelona time) don't miss the session "I need a font for my project. How do I choose it?" by professor Marc Salinas. More information here.


04/15       We expand our program offer with 11 online masters
        We continue to adapt to the circumstances and work to ensure that this situation does not dampen hopes. Today we are proud to announce the launch of 11 online masters designed for those who cannot study with us in person. More information here.


04/14       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Paola Cirelli
        Have you ever created a dream map? Learn how to do it with Paola Cirelli, professor of the Fashion Design area.


04/14       Online masterclass by Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro
        This Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) the creative director of the fashion firm Dominnico and LCI Barcelona alumni will tell us about the creative process and the keys to the success of "Idolatría", his latest collection. More information here.


04/13       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Estel Vilaseca
        The head of the Fashion Design area, Estel Vilaseca, brings us five very useful resources to inspire us during these days.


04/11       Online masterclass by José Manuel Fernández
        Next Tuesday, April 14th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) we invite you to the online session that will be given by José Manuel Fernández, professor at LCI Barcelona and director of Interior Design at Lagranja Design. If you want to know more about this famous design studio, its team and its creative processes, click here.


04/08       Creating inspiring spaces from home
        The 3rd year Interior Design students take advantage of the confinement to develop material atmospheres within the subject Interior Design Projects IV.


04/07       Online masterclass by Jesús Vázquez Viedma
        This Thursday, April 9th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) don't miss the online session "Fashion communication in times of crisis" by Jesús Vázquez Viedma, director of our Master in Fashion Marketing, Communication and Event Planning. More information here.


04/05       Online masterclass by Luca Pagliari
        Next Tuesday, April 7th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) we will enjoy the online masterclass "Solitude and loneliness. Photographic reflections from isolation" by Luca Pagliari, director of our Master in Signature Documentary Photography. More information here.


04/05       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Cristina Martín
        It's our students' turn! Don't miss the film and literary recommendations of Cristina Martín, student of the Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design.


04/03       Play "Recapture" this Easter
        The first demo of the video game "Recapture" is now available for Windows and Android. This project has been developed by 3rd year students of the Higher Diploma in Video Game Design. Enjoy it here.


04/03       Collaborate in LibreGuard's crowdfunding campaign
        Do you want to help fighting COVID-19? Participate in the crowdfunding campaign launched by the promoters of LibreGuard, the DIY protective mask in whose manufacture more and more professionals, labs, companies and schools like ours collaborate. Click here for more details.


04/02       Let's lift our spirits!

We propose you a new challenge to bring out a smile among your neighbours: develop any type of creation that you can install on the balcony, in the elevator of your building or on the community staircase and share your proposals on social media using the hashtag #DiseñoTerapia (remember to tag us!). More information here.


04/02       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: David Carretero
        Learn how to make the most of confinement thanks to David Carretero, head of Animation and Video Games areas, and his recommendations.


04/01       LibreGuard masks continue to help fight COVID-19

Hospital de Sant Pau, Hospital Parc TaulíFundación El MaresmeFundación Aspace Catalunya... these are many of the medical centers that are receiving the LibreGuard protective masks that we help to produce. We are very proud to be part of this maker initiative in which different professionals, labs and companies collaborate and which requires great logistical coordination of materials and production.


04/01       Online masterclass by Joan Piqué
        Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) don't miss a new masterclass of our online cycle: "Work methodology in the design of a concept art" by professor Joan Piqué. More information here.


03/31       Online masterclass by Àlex Jiménez
        New speaker confirmed! Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) Àlex Jiménez from Nutcreatives will tell us about the ecodesign process of his "NOEM Carl" armchair, mention in the Catalonia Ecodesign Awards 2019. More information here.


03/30       Don't let confinement stop your creativity

We propose you a challenge: to share on social media the photographs of your confinement using the hashtag #FotosConfinamiento (remember to tag us!). We will select the best images and we will set up an exhibition on our campus that will be inaugurated when we are all back. More information here.


03/30       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Ernest Perera
        The head of our Product Design area, Ernest Perera, brings us several series and documentaries focused on his discipline. 


03/30       Online masterclass by Iñigo Bujedo
        Tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) don't miss the session "From photojournalism to architecture photography and contemporary documentary" by the photographer Iñigo Bujedo. More information here.


03/28       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Pedro Coelho
        Today it's Pedro Coelho's turn. The head of our Interior Design area recommends us different books and films to entertain and learn during these days. 


03/27       Isolation capsules for people affected by the virus
        The 1st year Interior students are doing from their homes a class exercise consisting of designing an isolation capsule for people affected by COVID-19 using sea containers.

03/26       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Miguel Ruiz
        Don't miss the recommendations of Miguel Ruiz, professor of our Higher Diploma in Video Game Design and the Master in Concept Art.


03/25       LibreGuard masks are arriving at their destination

Today, 270 visors for LibreGuard masks have been manufactured in our TecnoFab, and the 100 units produced yesterday are already being distributed in kit form (together with PET sheets and double-sided tape) in health centers such as Hospital Clínic in Barcelona. In just two days, LCI Barcelona has produced 370 protective visors that will be very useful in the fight against COVID-19.


03/25       Recycled and fashionable masks
        The 2nd year Fashion students are creating their own masks from materials they have at home. This is an exercise in sustainable design to boost creativity whose original results will help to lift our spirits in these difficult times. We will be sharing the different proposals!

03/24       We join the LibreGuard initiative!

This Tuesday, about 100 protective visors were made with our TecnoFab laser cutter as part of LibreGuard project, a free DIY mask to stop the COVID-19 spread. The design is the work of a group coordinated by Raul Nieves, professor of the LCI Barcelona Official Master in Technological Product Design, and the Escola Massana. These visors are subsequently assembled with protective plastic sheets and distributed in the medical centers that need them.


03/23       #MadeInLCI video tips for confinement: Joan Piqué
        Do you find it difficult to stay at home without being able to go out? You don't know what to do until the confinement by COVID-19 is over? Don't miss the recommendations of the LCI Barcelona community to make the most of these days! Today we open the section with Joan Piqué, professor of the Master in Concept Art.


03/23       Online masterclass by Vicente Reyes
        This Thursday, March 26th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) don't miss the online session "Neuron gym" by Vicente Reyes, creative director of Herraiz Soto & Co. More information here.


03/19       We launch our cycle of online masterclass!
        Outstanding professionals from different sectors of design, creativity, communication and management of creative industries will connect with us to help us continue learning, discovering new topics and promoting the union between all of us during the confinement. Next Tuesday, March 24th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) we will launch our online masterclass cycle with "In the unfilled gaps" by the expert in storytelling and trend analysis Belén Torregrosa (exclusive session for LCI Barcelona students). And, from Thursday March 26th, conferences opened to the public. More information here.


03/16       #WeAreLCI
        We join the message of Claude Marchand, president of LCI Education, because we are proud to belong to this great educational network and we work together tirelessly so that all our students can continue their education online.


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