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LCI Barcelona releases the Portfolio section

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October 14, 2015

Through this educational tool, which they can use as part of their academic course and after their studies, they will be able to deposit up to 20 projects in addition to their CV. Projects can be presented through various media such as video, images or documents.

“With the roll-out of the platform throughout the LCI Education network, students and graduates will have access to many exclusive job offers. This new tool will also let them stand out from other candidates in the eyes of potential employers, who will now be able to better evaluate and recognize their talent and potential,” mentioned Claude Marchand, President & CEO of the LCI Education network.

In addition to posting job offers, recruiters will also be able to use the platform to find new talents and identify at a glance the most qualified candidates according to their own search criteria.

To highlight the best projects, every week a panel will identify a favourite project of the editorial board, called the LCI Education network selection. This distinction means that the best projects will be featured on the front page of the Portfolio section, making them especially visible to employers, peers from the LCI Education network community, and the public at large, which consists of 22 post-secondary campuses on 5 continents.

The Portfolio section community will also be invited to express their opinions via the new platform. Interactive features such as “likes”, “comments” and “shares” will allow visitors to select their favourite projects, which will be featured on the homepage, while students and graduates will benefit from instant community feedback

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