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Hiroshi Tsunoda, Product Design Professor at LCI Barcelona, answers our questions

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July 05, 2016

Our School has renowned professionals at international level, and one of them is Hiroshi Tsunoda, Japanese designer who lives from 2000 in Barcelona. In 2005, he decided to found his own studio at the Catalan capital with the aim of offering innovative and fresh solutions to different profile companies from a multicultural perspective. The same year, he created DesignCode, a Product publisher based on Design-à-porter, sensational designs available to anyone. His works have been exhibited in London, Milan, Paris, Hangzhou, Moscow, Frankfurt, etc. and he frequently participates in conferences and events worldwide.

Hiroshi, who teaches Volumetric Representation at the first year and Projects at the second within the Product Design Area of LCI Barcelona, give us a brief interview:

Why are you passionate about industrial design?

Design can change many things and improve all we have, even life. The design has great power to make people happy. The design is everything, everything is designed.

How should be the training of future industrial designers?

I don’t want training industrial designers, I want to educate designers with creative vision of future. Someone who can think of from many different points of view, not only from the perspective of industrial designer.

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