Public success in DI55ECCIONS with Xavier Mañosa
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Public success in DI55ECCIONS with Xavier Mañosa

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January 22, 2018

Last Wednesday, we celebrated a new conference of our cycle, which featured the head of Apparatu. Xavier began his speech by going back to the origins of the ceramics workshop created by his father at the age of 20, a business he relaunched after returning from Berlin in 2009. Despite his training as an industrial designer, he decided to continue with the family legacy adapting it to the new times.

The lecturer highlighted the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius as one of his great references, as well as professionals such as Marc Monzó, David Bestué and David Martí, whom he knows and with whom he has collaborated. Then, he wanted to review his career by sharing representative projects of the values which characterize him: the research and experimentation with different materials (including the Dekton, which has unique characteristics), the mastery of different processes (molds, winches and extrusions), the exploration of new formal expressions, the innovation of staging, etc. His good work has led him to exhibit at design fairs and festivals all over the world (New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.) and to work for prestigious companies such as Hermès. Through the session, he showed the original clock-shaped shop window he made for the luxury products firm.

Xavier said he was not afraid of new technologies such as 3D: "No machine can tell you a story like the designer does. Therefore, they are not a threat but tools that help us". Questioned about the future of the ceramist as an artisan, the guest was optimistic as long as the artists "are clear about what they want to explain and what is the best way to transmit it".

As usual in DI55ECCIONS, the event ended with a refreshment in the Agora to exchange impressions about the evening.

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