Great success at 2019 Laus Awards
Laus Awards

Great success at 2019 Laus Awards

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August 27, 2019

Each year, the ADG-FAD Laus Awards for Graphic Design and Visual Communication recognize the best projects in more than 50 categories of five major groups: Graphic Design, Digital, Advertising, Audiovisual and Students. The purpose of this award is to promote design, project its cultural and economic importance to society and encourage the development of the sector.

Each edition is full of surprises. In this edition held at DHUB, Julia Solans was in charge of presenting the evening. Illustrator and graphic designer with character, Julia has been art director of IKEA and Herraiz Soto. She is currently a professor in our Higher Diploma in Graphic and Digital Design.

The effort, dedication and vocation of both our students and the professors, who are also active professionals, have made this year three students of the Design area winners for the quality of their work:

"Manifiesto del Anti-turista" by Alexa Ledesma - Master in Motion Graphics Design

Tourism, the great friend and enemy at the same time of the big cities. Student Alexa Ledesma prepares a manifesto to promote more sustainable tourism, bringing a new twist to traditional tourism campaigns. The curiosity and interest of the traveler is encouraged by the unknown and the need to connect with the local. Respecting the culture, the gastronomy and the time it takes to savor the small pleasures of traveling.

"Fluye" by Irene Gutierrez - Higher Diploma in Graphic and Digital Design

Have you heard about the symptothermal contraceptive method before? The female menstrual cycle is a very broad path and still unknown to many women. With "Fluye", Irene Gutierrez proposes us an editorial graphic design that illustrates the self-knowledge of the female body and this contraceptive method that respects your body.

"Femichistas" by Elisenda Farrés - Higher Diploma in Graphic and Digital Design

"You should be more feminine", "when I was your age I was already married or, at least, with a boyfriend"... these types of phrases are what create "Femichismo". The type of sexism that arises among women themselves. Student Elisenda Farrés, through a graphic line contained in her book (from typography, illustrations, patterns and even text alignment), creates shapes that remind own curves of the female body and that contrast with the strength of the message. In "Femichismo", it is intended to carry out an informative function about this social problem and its consequences in society.

Congratulations, you have done a great job!

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