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LCI Barcelona, present at GGFashion Market - Our students Marina Casañas, Jose Miralles Carayol Sandra and Daniel Rosa GGModa participate in the contest

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April 16, 2015

To participate in the contest, which involves making an outfit inspired by the books on sustainable fashion of the editorial Gustavo Gili, our students have reused a sheet from the 50s to make a shirt with bib made from swatches of color of a textile company and a fisherman network for the trousers. Besides, two vests reusing old electric cables and cotton shirts. And as a complement, they have created a backpack with knots of tissue debris.

Tomorrow the winner will be announced and the clothes will be exhibited in the hall of the publishing house until next April 24th.

16 -17 April, 2015 from 10 to 21h

Editorial Gustavo Gili

Rosselló 87-89, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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