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March 25, 2015

The student Adrià Caballero, has received the Silver Award (second prize) valued in €3,000, Anna Vendrell, has received the Bronze Award (3rd prize) Media Award (given by the press) valueds in €3000, with the possibility of joining the company as designers and Ana Blackshire the Excellent Award.

Currently, Jon Mikeo, one of our former students is living in China, working with Hempel, after receiving the first prize in the previous edition of the contest.

The three selected students, Ana Blackshire, Anna Vendrell and Adrià Caballero, have presented to the jury three outfits for women with the theme "City Impression" and have participated in the inaugural catwalk of the China Fashion Week. Tomorrow we will know the Country Awards results.

The school participates in the competition since 1996 and since then there has always been students awarded with the prize. Moreover, since 1996, Gabriel Torres, Project Director of Felicidad Duce, the School of Fashion Design of LCI Barcelona, ​​is being part of the jury. Jurors come from Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Korea, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, USA and Barcelona. In this edition the jury participates in the Sundance Competition held on Sunday March 29th.

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