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#MadeInLCI talent

Our students give their best in the presentation of their final projects

Final projects presentations 2022 LCI Barcelona
August 05, 2022

At the end of the academic year comes the time for our students to present their final projects and demonstrate that they are ready to face any professional challenge that is put in front of them. These projects are the result of all they have learned throughout their studies at LCI Barcelona.

Defense of the Master in Art Direction and Graphic Project Management

The students of bachelor's degrees and diplomas have shown us their talent in great events such as the fashion show "Escape from reality" at Sala Apolo (Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design) or the screening of the short film "Sweet Side" at Phenomena cinema (University Diploma in 2D and 3D Animation). During the presentations of all the degrees there were high quality and sensitive projects such as "La Fourmilière", a cohousing for young people with functional diversity by María Lledó Cisneros (Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design).

Render of "La Fourmilière" by María Lledó Cisneros

Our masters and postgraduates students have also presented in recent weeks their final projects, some of which have been carried out in collaboration with renowned companies such as Desigual (Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Trends Research) and Etnia Barcelona (Master in Fashion Marketing, Communication and Event Planning). Some of these defenses were celebrated off-campus, such as those of the Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies (held at Universidad de Barcelona) and those of the Master in Branding and Brand Strategy (celebrated at the offices of Morillas, directors of the program).

All the presentations have had juries formed by the director of each program and external professionals who have witnessed the #MadeInLCI talent. And it doesn't stop here! Coinciding with our Graduation Ceremony, a sample of these final projects made by the new graduates was installed at Disseny Hub's floor 0.

Part of the exhibition hosted by DHUB

Congratulations to all of you for your hard work, perseverance and dedication, and congratulations to the team of tutors and professors who have accompanied and prepared you for the professional world. You are now LCI alumni!

@lcibarcelona 💥 ¡Celebramos el talento de nuestros estudiantes! ➡️ Este julio los alumnos han defendido sus proyectos finales ante el tribunal. #MadeInLCI #MultiversoCreativo #CreateYourself ♬ BARELY BREATHING - Grant Averill

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