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According to “El País”

Felicidad Duce, Design School of LCI Barcelona, sixth best of the world

February 24, 2015

Being a pioneer in the fashion education in Spain and possessing a tradition of more than 85 years training more than 600 professionals every year, it’s not surprising that Felicidad Duce appears in the list of the best international schools together with Marangoni (Italy), Bunka Fashion College (Japan) or École de Couture Parisienne (France). The article highlights the figure of the founder, the fashion designer Felicidad Duce and her innovative system of pattern design and climbed manufacturer, the Feli Method, which from 1955 is considered well of national interest. Furthermore, there is emphasized the excellent internship board that includes almost all the Spanish companies of textile, from Inditex to Loewe.

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