Fashion students create masks with recycled materials

Fashion students create masks with recycled materials

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April 14, 2020

The LCI Barcelona design community takes advantage of its talent to transform confinement into a creative opportunity. Because of the need to reduce the impact of many industries such as fashion on the environment, and the current context caused by COVID-19, the 2nd year students of the Fashion degree have provided solutions through the design.

In the subject of Recycled Products, professor Gabriel Torres proposed an exercise in creating masks that combines fashion with recycling and sustainability. During this period of confinement, students have made more than 50 masks reusing materials as diverse as scarves, shirts or pants that they have painted, stamped, embroidered or accompanied by different accessories. All with the aim of promoting creativity and raising spirits in these difficult times.

Mascarillas con materiales reciclados

Our students have captured in each of these masks their vision of the pandemic. Starting from the anguish, loneliness or darkness that represents the confinement and the fight against an uncontrollable situation, the materials and decorative elements used evoke the relevance of a moment that will go down in human history. While some models focus on the sensations caused by the virus in people, other designs honor the work of the health professionals by sending a message of thanks and hope.

The reflective exercise that precedes the creative process of the masks synthesizes the feelings which our students face today. When the situation returns to normal, all the projects will be collected in an exhibition to show how the arrival of COVID-19 has changed our lives.

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