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LCI Barcelona take part of the agreement with the Design Museum of the city and the ICUB

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January 20, 2016

On the one hand, Mr. Jaume Asens Llodrà, President of the Barcelona Culture Institute and on the other hand, Mrs. Sílvia Viudas Bernabeu, General Director of LCI Barcelona, ​​signed this collaboration agreement between ICUB, Design Museum (MDB) and LCI Barcelona.

The purpose of this agreement is to create a generic framework for collaborations between LCI Barcelona, ICUB and MDB, to promote different forms of educational activities related to design, creativity and innovation: joint research projects, collaborations with teachers and library loans, among other relevant topics that can promote each of the parties.

The MDB will offer free visits to permanent and temporary exhibitions students LCI Barcelona. In addition, students and staff LCI Barcelona will enjoy a 50% discount on any of the entries in the MDB.

Moreover, MDB will give to LCI Barcelona free use of the images published in MDB catalogs and on its web content for educational purposes.

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