Disseny per a la inclusió: fighting the aftereffects of stroke through fashion
#dissenyXinclusió 2021

Disseny per a la inclusió: fighting the aftereffects of stroke through fashion

Disseny per a la inclusió LCI Barcelona Asociación Superar el Ictus Barcelona
July 05, 2021

The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Barcelona Design Museum) and the Ojalá Projects association launched a few months ago Disseny per a la inclusió - Design for inclusion (#dissenyXinclusió), a learning and co-creation initiative between students of higher design studies and groups in different situations of vulnerability, stigmatization and social prejudice.

Our School has had the pleasure of being part of this initiative together with the Asociación Superar el Ictus Barcelona, which guides and supports people who have survived a stroke and their family and friends with the aim of improving their quality of life. Over the last few weeks, a group of students from the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design tutored by professor Sonia Carrasco have participated in ten joint work sessions with members of the organization. Our students have been able to learn about the limitations and daily needs of people who have suffered a stroke, empathize with them and seek effective solutions through design to foster their autonomy and independence.

One of the joint work sessions

The project began focusing on the world of fashion, but has ended up opening more avenues of research and experimentation to detect new needs in other areas of design, such as product design. The lack of adapted articles or the gap between orthopedics and design are some of the issues that have been addressed.

At the end of June, the Museu del Disseny hosted the presentation of all the projects arising from the initiative. Francesc Iglesias, president of the Asociación Superar el Ictus Barcelona, highlighted the importance of co-creation as a "disruptive and innovative method based on the user, on the value of the process and its result". For her part, tutor Sonia Carrasco defined the experience as "a human learning experience that shows that design and creativity must contribute to inclusiveness and social awareness".

Project photoshoot at the iconic Disseny Hub

The event was also attended by Assumpció Malagarriga, a member of the organization, who said that "working together has broadened everyone's vision". She also defended the need for "design professionals to take us into account and see the world as we see it", and confessed that the project has taught her "not to hide under the word fashion the non-acceptance of the body that my stroke has left me with".

The student Valeria Matute talked on behalf of her classmates about this "unique experience in favor of inclusiveness that we have shared with wonderful people and that has enriched us on an educational and personal level".

Stroke is a reality that may be alien to many, but it is very present in our society. In fact, this disease is the leading cause of death in women and the leading cause of acquired disability. The project we have developed together with our new friends from the Asociación Superar el Ictus Barcelona is further proof of the power of design as a learning process and as an engine for social innovation.

The team of the Asociación Superar el Ictus Barcelona and LCI Barcelona

Images: Marc Asensio.

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