Mermelada Studio’s industrial design closes the first season of DI55ECCIONS
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Mermelada Studio’s industrial design closes the first season of DI55ECCIONS

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June 09, 2017

Wednesday afternoon we celebrated the sixth and last conference of our cycle, for which we have Laura Blasco, Juan Miguel Juárez and Alex Estévez, from Mermelada Estudio. In the first part of their speech, the founders of the famous study confessed that starting in this field was hard because neither their own families were clear what industrial design was. However, they don’t regret their choice: "We live on something we love, and we enjoy it very much". They named among their references to prestigious artists and professionals of the sector, in addition to highlighting events such as the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona for their contribution to design popularization. All this, along with the background obtained over the years, has led them to export their talent beyond our borders. Regarding the current situation in their area, they stressed that the balance between art and technology results in incredible creations and also that there is currently the concept that, despite industrialization, any product can be personalized ("We all want the same but nothing seems the same", they said).

When talking about the future of the industry, Laura, Juan Miguel and Alex defended that they design thinking about tomorrow, taking into account what they think society will require, and they enunciated some of the trends that, in their opinion, will mark the next years: the product’s interaction with the user, the new production systems, the excess that society faces (which, according to them, may lead to minimalism), the hegemony of a few brands in the market, the new baby-tech generation and even the globalization of the trends.

In the later round of questions, different and interesting reflections arose. In conclusion, the founders of Mermelada Estudio defined design as a profession that is always changing and evolving with the new trends and needs of the people and in which there is no exact formula to succeed: "We are just a musician within the concert, we want to create harmony". And, in order not to break the goodwill, they are clear that they don’t want to work with those companies which don’t share their values.

Then, all the attendees enjoyed a Moritz in the Agora while sharing their impressions on this final conference of our cycle DI55ECCIONS.

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