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Sílvia Viudas, LCI Barcelona General Director, new Vice-President of Modacc

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December 14, 2018

The Catalan fashion cluster has once again renewed its organization chart: Pep Generó takes the reins of the chairmanship as a replacement for Lluís Costa. The new manager is also CEO of Diktons since 2016 and he has accumulated experience in the family business Yerse and as purchasing manager of Stradivarius. He is accompanied by Sílvia Viudas, General Director of LCI Barcelona, and Arancha Algàs, her counterpart in Bóboli.

At the meeting in which the new appointments were approved, the work streams for the coming year were also defined, focusing on digital transformation, internationalization, attracting talent and improving user knowledge. The main challenges for 2019 were also highlighted: the new digital economy and the change of consumer habits. All this in a sector which, according to the organization, has registered significant growth in the last decade. Modacc currently brings together 142 companies, with an income of 2,000 million euros.

Source: Modaes.

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