Snoop reaches DI55ECCIONS with Dani Campmany and Erques Torres
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Snoop reaches DI55ECCIONS with Dani Campmany and Erques Torres

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May 10, 2019

In their website they define themselves as an independent advertising agency that offers what customers are looking for and want for their brand, and in the last DI55ECCIONS conference we were able to find out what they mean. Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of Snoop, Dani Campmany and Erques Torres, co-founder and art director respectively, explained their vision of design and their working methodology.

The speakers began their lecture in a resounding way: "People hate advertising, bad advertising, that which is invasive and which also does not entertain". At Snoop they try to fight against this type of advertising by offering quality content. "We are looking for new formats that reach the public and generate impact through creativity, as we have been working since 2013 with Primavera Sound", said our guests. The agency wanted to boost the weight of the brand so that, beyond the bands that attend the event, there is talk of the festival itself.

Another of Snoop's keys is that they constantly question everything. "When the client presents us with their project, we rethink these ideas to see how we can improve them. Whenever possible, break the briefings", defended Dani and Erques. Without leaving this issue, the speakers stressed the importance of choosing customers well. "You are used to them choosing you and you forget that you have to choose them too. We know what the agency's DNA is and we try to get our clients to follow the same line (Sala Apolo, Moritz, Barcelona City Council or the aforementioned Primavera Sound)".

Dani and Erques explained to us how they work in the advertising agency Snoop

Snoop's team is, according to them, "small but cool". That's why they try to attract talent and surround themselves with the best professionals. "It's not easy, we spend many hours with our colleagues and we all have to stick together, because otherwise there will be no cool projects". A montage of images and videos of the agency's day-to-day life demonstrated this good atmosphere of which they boast.

In the final stretch of their conference, Dani and Erques revealed two more pillars of the Snoop philosophy: be realistic and go out a lot. "You must be reasonable with the budget you have and carry out ideas you can produce, otherwise your public image may suffer. When you work with big brands and companies like SEAT you don't have that problem, but even with a little money you can always do interesting things", said the guests. On the other hand, both stressed the need to go out into the street to meet customers and discover what they do: "Everything you live outside makes you grow inside, even more so if it's something you really like".

Asked about what has changed in the agency over the years, the speakers talked about the impact of digital advances in terms of methods and working times. In addition, they pointed out that their relationship with clients is getting closer.

As usual, DI55ECCIONS ended in the Ágora with all the attendees enjoying a drink and sharing impressions about the conference of Dani and Erques. Thank you very much to both of you for coming to dissect the design with us!

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