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Andoni Beristain inaugurates the third season of DI55ECCIONS

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November 21, 2018

The Basque photographer and art director gathered on our campus dozens of people interested in learning more about him and his projects for firms such Apple, Ralph Lauren, Adobe, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Diesel, Carolina Herrera and Wallapop. He has also collaborated with numerous publications and events. But despite all that, he has never stopped working on his own because he wants to show how he sees the world.

Throughout his career, there has been a proliferation of colorful series of photos and still lifes that take care of both the aesthetics and the message. His works are characterized by elements of everyday life to which he gives a different look thanks to professional editing programs. "My passion for images was born at the age of 16 with Fotolog, and since then I have not stopped experimenting", said Andoni.

Asked about the originality of his works, the guest defended that he has never been obsessed with differentiating himself from the rest: "Taking my personality as a starting point, I did a research until I managed to link what I am to what I do. I have an ironic character and I like to make people laugh, and I try to ensure that all this is reflected in my creations". The founder and creative director of "La Monda Magazine" confessed that he tries to avoid obsolescence by drawing inspiration from what he sees and lives. "Anything can give me some ideas, for example, what I find in the street or what I discover through social networks like Instagram".

Andoni talked about his collaborations with major national and international brands and showed images of these projects, united by a marked identity: "It is important that the client does not undermine the style that you have developed over time". All this in a sector, the design, which is "constantly evolving thanks to the emergence of new trends", according to the speaker.

There was also space to reflect on the education in this area: "Now that I am a teacher and I give talks, I realize that during my time as a student I missed honest people who talked me about how the professional world works (how to make a budget, interpret a briefing, etc.)".

The first DI55ECCIONS of the 2018/2019 academic year ended with all the attendees sharing impressions and having a drink in the Ágora. Thank you Andoni for inaugurating the third season of our cycle!

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