The four origins of sportswear
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The four origins of sportswear

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September 14, 2016

Doing sport is fashionable and it has become a very profitable business for companies, who need to train professionals specialized in this field. Discover where the brands which are part of sportswear sector come from:

  • General sports brands: such as Nike or Adidas, whose worldwide recognition make them the first choice of athletes when dressing. Their income has experienced great growth.

  • Specialized sports firms: brands which are active in a particular sector (for example, Asics and Garmin with running), have also increased their market share.

  • Multinational companies in fashion: Zara, Desigual, Mango... are some examples of widely consumed firms that, despite they are not dedicated to this sector, have decided to gain a foothold among sports lovers. In addition to launching sportswear collections, they have also intensified their communication actions focused on this direction.

  • Haute couture brands: eventually, the most exclusive companies like Chanel or Dior have also made their incursions into sports world, to industry’s surprise.
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