How to design a shoe in 5 steps
The art of footwear

How to design a shoe in 5 steps

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October 17, 2016

Accessories help to define the look and personality of the wearer. From the Master in Fashion Accessories we present the steps to follow in footwear design process:

  • Conceptualizing the product to be designed according to a series of criteria: function, materials, use, recipients, etc.

  • Making an initial sketch of the shoe with the available information.

  • Concreting the different components (sole, heel, bridge, lining, neckline, siege...) and being sure about how they look and how they will join together.

  • Reflecting the diverse parts of the shoe in technical drawings that include all the details.

  • Developing a technical package based on the obtained materials (sheets, sketches and other information on components, measurements, colors, materials, etc.)

At the end of this process you will already have the design of your shoe and the next step will be to make it a reality.

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