The top five companies in the wearable industry
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The top five companies in the wearable industry

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March 20, 2017

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), more than 102 million wearables were sold worldwide in 2016, reaching a new historical record. In the coming years, the market is expected to maintain this upward trend thanks to the arrival of new manufacturers, in addition to the launch of increasingly innovative product lines. In 2021 it is expected to reach 237 million units sold. The most successful companies in the industry last year were:

- Fitbit (19.2% of sales): Dominator in 2015, it repeated leadership the following year with a focus more on fashion and aesthetics in her designs. In addition, it marketed new devices like Alta and Blaze.

- Xiaomi (15.2%): It exceeded Apple thanks to its line of fitness trackers at popular prices and very attractive functions. Much of its success comes from the Chinese market.

- Apple (13.6%): After securing second place in 2015, the US giant was deflated in 2016 despite its novelties.

- Garmin (6.2%): His commitment to tough devices, clearly associated with athletes and runners, and the launch of his first Eyeworm device, helped him reach fourth place in the top 5.

- Samsung (5.6%): With a smartwatches-focused offering, the South Korean conglomerate managed to differentiate itself from the competition by eliminating the need to be connected to the mobile phone at all times.


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