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National Award for Emergent Design

Our alumni Carlotaoms, awarded again at 080 Barcelona Fashion

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February 05, 2016

Yesterday, the National Awards for Design were given out as part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. The National Award of the Government of Catalonia for Emerging Design 080 - Desigual was awarded to the brand Carlotaoms for their Itinerant collection. Two pieces of the winning collection will be added to the Museum's collection.

The National Award for Emerging Design comes with a prize of 15,000 Euros and is sponsored by Desigual. The winner will present their next collection at the next edition of 080. For this edition, and fruit of the collaboration of 080 Barcelona Fashion, with the fashion fair Who’s Next, the winner will also take part in the next edition of the Parisian event in September.

Information: Ajuntament de Barcelona.

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