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Andreu Carulla, LCI Barcelona Product professor, wins Silver Delta Award 2016

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June 10, 2016

In this edition, the Silver Delta Award of ADI-FAD (the Industrial Design Association linked to Fostering Arts and Design) was for Bernardes Bench, made by our Product Area professor Andreu Carulla. The jury highlighted of this work its ability to “capture austerity and discretion linked to a place of worship, while seeking to achieve maximum comfort for the user”.

On the occasion of the award, Carulla answers us some questions:

- Why are you passionate about industrial design?

From childhood, I always liked to create objects, tinkering with products at home, so we could say I'm an industrial designer by vocation. At professional level, is highly rewarding when you see that someone is enjoying a product you've done, that you can help users to live experiences or solve some little daily life problems.

Another great motivation is the continuous learning that it requires. Often, we find that we have to solve a particular problem from a specific sector that we didn’t know only a few months ago. This forces us to gain new knowledge. It is very rewarding and, at the end, very satisfying.

- How should be future industrial designers training?

We can’t continue educating in the same way as we were educated, at the gates of the third industrial revolution brought caused by 3D printers, IoT, etc. All this requires a new approach.

I think you can’t separate academic teaching from professional world. It is essential that trainers help smooth the transition from University to the job market, giving students tools that generate real value.

This competition’s first edition was held in 1961. Along these years, it has recognised and promoted a variety of objects that stand out by their quality and innovating nature, by the social response they have generated and by their environmental adaptation.

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