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Three LCI Barcelona alumni, at Montréal’s biggest outdoor fashion show

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August 21, 2015

On August 21st, 2015, LaSalle College in Montréal presented GENERATION Z: a 360° fashion event. This daring fashiontainment inspired by the creative universe of the emerging and revealing Generation Z, demonstrated the work and collections of several Barcelona and Montreal designers:

• Albec Bunsen, Barcelona

• Carlota Millán, Barcelona

• Fran Jiménez, Barcelona

• Diodati, Montreal

• Field of Ponies, Montréal

• Markantoine, Montréal

• Pedram Karimi, Montréal

• Settler Jeans, Montréal

• This is a collection, Montreal

Furthermore, the following three Barcelona designers, exceled on their own merit, at last edition of the Final Project fashion show presented in July 2015:

Albec Bunsen showcased his collection Yala! He surprised the audience with his extraordinary mise en scène, presenting four roller skaters on four wheels, dressed in urban clothing with African influences. Fran Jiménez exhibited his collection Geldiezin Bihtza inspired by the literary work ‘’The Metamorphosis’’, by Franz Kafka. This designer received the first prize at the Final Project fashion show in July 2015. Carlota Millán revealed 2.1, a men’s Fall collection. Carlota won the second prize at the same event.

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