Our alumni Queralt Orriols succeeds in Arts of Fashion 2020 with "Zero 00:00"
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Our alumni Queralt Orriols succeeds in Arts of Fashion 2020 with "Zero 00:00"

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December 23, 2020

We couldn't have ended the year in a better way! Queralt Orriols, alumni of the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, is one of the eight winners of the international contest Arts of Fashion. The recent graduate participated in the competition with her final collection "Zero 00:00", which she defines as follows: "My project is based on a broad reflection on the concept of time, its characteristics and the value it is given. Time cannot be stopped or eluded, it is inexorable, invisible, and I wanted to introduce this idea into fashion. Our society does not exhaust the durability of clothes, so, ironically, the clothes of "Zero 00:00" have a label with a fictitious expiration date. Fashion has become liquid and my collection aims to reflect and revalue all this by taking time as an indicator. We have an unquestionable love for this invisible concept that allows us to live, and I have always wondered if I could save a little bit of time and make it even more mine. Queralt has obtained the AoFF Apprenticeship Award - Maison Lemarié, a four-week internship scholarship at the studio of this French brand based in Paris.

"Zero 00:00" can be seen from minute 00:44 (Source: arts-of-fashion.org)

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, 397 students from 103 schools and universities located in 30 different countries sent in their proposals to take part in the 19th edition of the event, whose central theme was "Invisibility". Among the 50 finalists there were other alumni of our School such as Paola MoletRicard BaldomàPaula FerragutCarla Reyes and Teresa Gallardo, as well as Wenny Trifena Sitania (LaSalle College | Jakarta). The eight winning projects are shown in the video-parade filmed at the Hall des Maréchaux from Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris that we have shared above.

LCI Barcelona is not only the most represented school in the final phase of Arts of Fashion but, after last year's success, a #MadeInLCI alumni succeeds again in the grand finale of the contest and brings home an award. Congratulations to Queralt and to the finalists!

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