Krizia Robustella's "Trendy Flock", Best Collection of the 080
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Krizia Robustella's "Trendy Flock", Best Collection of the 080

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February 05, 2018

Self-identified as Sport Deluxe, our alumni firm won the highest award in the 21st edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion thanks to the collection "Trendy Flock". This proposal for the Autumn-Winter 2018/19 season is an ironic critique of contemporary youth, aesthetics, trends and fakes. A suggestive collaboration with illustrator Susana López who, using the artifice technique in her unmistakable drawings, creates a youth gang with whom everyone can identify. "Trendy Flock" plays with what is real and what is not. Congratulations on this Government of Catalonia National Award to the Best Collection (ex aequo with Brain&Beast)!

Image: @kriziarobustella

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