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The most beautiful restaurant in the world, designed by the Director of our Official Master Degree in Interior Design

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November 20, 2017

The "Alkimia" has won the award for best restaurant design from the prestigious SBID International Design Excellence Awards. The premises of the chef Jordi Vilà were designed by External Reference Architects, a studio co-directed by Carmelo Zappulla (responsible of the Official Master Degree in Experience Interior Design that we have launched this academic year), in collaboration with the art director Chu Uroz. This recognition is added to the title of best author restaurant of IN/ARCH, awarded by the Italian National Institute of Architecture. In the words of our teacher, it is "a unique project that creates a constant dialogue between the tradition of the building's architecture and a very contemporary interior design with variables that can be constantly changed". The restaurant has incredible details such as recreations of fish stocks (the sea world is one of its great inspirations) and lighting changes depending on the season of the year. All this is supported by state-of-the-art digital technologies.

Another of Zappulla's projects, the "24 Kilates Bangkok", has been finalist in the retail category of the SBID Awards. Congratulations!

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