Shop Window Design (in Spanish only)

Design of Experiences in the Retail Space
Specialization Courses | 0CII9ESC | Shop Window Design (in Spanish only)

The window dressing associated with visual merchandising is currently an essential tool to connect with a new typology of consumer, more critical and informed, who is looking for a meaningful interaction with the brand in its selling space. 

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, the window dresser can use their specific tools to generate innovative environments that become the first line of brand identity construction and, with it, design retail spaces based on creativity, staging and the use of new information technologies

This course aims to approach the retail universe through window dressing, analyze the latest trends in the sector and generate innovative concepts and productions that provide experiences within the new paradigm of relationship between brand and consumer.

  • Certification: Shop Window Design - Design of Experiences in the Retail Space (Specialization Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 60 hours.
  • Dates: February - June.
  • Schedule: Friday afternoon.
  • Coordinator: Lisardo Mendo
  • María Callís
  • Vince Van Geffen
  • Xavi Sellés

- Understanding the current situation and the latest trends in shop window design and visual merchandising.

- Mastering the different specific tools of window dressing and visual merchandising integrated into commercial spaces.

- Learning how to integrate window dressing and visual merchandising principles with communication campaigns and marketing strategies for each brand.

- Creating, designing and producing a creative concept for the facade, the shop windows and the interior space of a store.

Designers, architects, window dressers and professionals directly related to trade, design and/or fashion.

  • Window dresser
  • Visual merchandiser

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