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Master in Service Design and Innovation (in Spanish only)

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Masters and Postgraduates | MA016 | Master in Service Design and Innovation (in Spanish only)

Acquire the knowledge, methodologies and tools necessary to generate value in companies through service design

In the last ten years, digitalization has profoundly changed the shopping experience and the relationship between customers and brands. It is the era of the digital customer (the prosumer), informed, proactive and demanding, who chooses his products not only based on their intrinsic quality (functionality, aesthetics, durability and price), but also for all the experience he lives before, during and after having acquired them (customer journey).

In this context, it is necessary for companies and professionals to research and analyze in depth the needs of their customers to develop products, services and experiences that meet their expectations (servitization). The methodology of service design and its necessary connection or correlation with innovation in the management of the company are a sure answer to achieve the objectives set.

Service design, which bases its foundations on the design centered on people (user-centered design), integrates the study and definition of the user experience, the types of organization that make it possible and the business models that support it. Business innovation has to do with all the processes that allow implementing improvements in one or more areas at the same time.

  • Degree: Master in Service Design and Innovation
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Start date: October
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On campus
  • Professional internships: Extracurricular (900h/company max.)
  • Industrial and fashion designers
  • Graphic, UX, digital experience, new media and video game designers
  • Interior designers and architects
  • Project managers, product managers, sales managers, marketing managers and customer service managers
  • Entrepreneurs and other professionals in the creative industries

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She is a innovation consultant, service designer and visual communication manager. After studying architecture in Italy, Spain, France and South America, she continued her education in Barcelona with a Postgraduate in Sustainability and Architecture and a Master in Internet Business. She began her professional career in the design sector, coordinating architectural and interior design projects and then moved into the digital sector as a product owner, program manager and digital project manager.

She currently works at Connecting Brains, a consulting firm specialized in user-centered innovation that facilitates change processes (service-based, digital transformation, organizational change and strategy redefinition) in companies and organizations from different fields and sectors (design, fashion, retail, building, transport, health, tourism and finance) through the application of design thinking, co-creation and visual thinking.

  • Service designer
  • Industrial and fashion design lead
  • Interaction design strategist
  • User and customer experience officer
  • Omnichannel communication designer
  • Space design strategist
  • Product and service owner
  • Product and service project manager
  • Innovation and service innovation manager and consultant
  • Chief collaboration officer
  • Service business designer and developer

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