Study in Barcelona and join a prestigious international educational network!

  • Constantly updated teaching plans.
  • Learning-by-doing methodology.
  • Promotion of values such as innovation, sustainability and creativity to improve people’s lives.
  • Young teachers with solid professional experience.
  • International students welcome.
  • Assistance with administrative procedures.
  • Membership in the LCI Education network: international education and on-the-job training + exclusive access to the Portfolio tool.
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Study in an inspiring place in the heart of Barcelona

Located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, our 2,700-square-meter campus occupies two floors. It has multi-purpose areas that can be used in very different ways and other more specialized ones like the digital manufacturing laboratory, computer classrooms, photography studio and more.

Over 570 square meters are dedicated to common areas, such as the library, study room, equipped office area and exhibition area. In total, our facilities can train 1,000 students per year.

Barcelona, a leading city

The European campus of the LCI Education network offers you the opportunity to prepare for the working world in one of the top cities in the world for the avant-garde, trends, design and image.

Considered the fourth most creative city in the world in the "Survey on the Barcelona City Brand" developed by the BCD, Barcelona is the perfect place for students due to the richness and diversity of its culture and the friendliness of its people.

Open your mind to a world of design at LCI Barcelona

Professionals from all areas of design have passed through our classrooms: Fashion Design (taught by Felicidad Duce, a school specialized in the discipline for 90 years), Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design and Management and Innovation in creative companies.

Our educational opportunities include Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Postgraduate programs (official and our own), Professionalization Courses, Pattern-Making Programs and Summer Courses. All pursue the same objective: to provide a quality education for students’ proper personal development. We innovate and grow each day in order to effectively empower each of our students.

Discover LCI Barcelona
Our Schools
  • Felicidad Duce - Fashion Design
  • Product Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Management & Innovation
Student services
  • Job opportunities
  • Portfolio
  • Mobility
  • Grants and aids
  • Omnivox
  • Library
Educational project
  • Educational methodology based on professional experience and practice.
  • Constantly updated dynamic educational platform.
  • Connection to social, cultural and economic environments.
  • Promotion of students’ creative and human potential, combining academic rigor with the dynamism of the creative industries.
  • Commitment to establishing a constantly developing centre for creation and experimentation that promotes the spirit of collaboration and sustainability in design and society.
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We will accompany you throughout the process of obtaining the student visa. We also offer advice on finding accommodation, Catalan courses and other services in order to facilitate your adaptation to Barcelona.
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