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Design of Interactive Interfaces (UX & UI Design) (in Spanish only)

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Specialization Courses | 0CGG9INT | Design of Interactive Interfaces (UX & UI Design) (in Spanish only)

This course offers a specialization in the field of web/app graphical user interface design (UI Design) oriented to those professionals who want to deepen in this discipline. We will learn to design interfaces taking into account the user experience (UX) and the interaction design, closely related disciplines that we will approach in an eminently practical way. 

Through the realization of a project we will approach the different stages of the design process and we will focus specifically on the design of the external appearance of the interfaces using various prototyping tools (Sketch©, InVision© and Principle©). As a result, we will learn to represent and express functionality, to use layouts and design components, to make decisions related to interaction problems and to be able to work more efficiently in multidisciplinary teams.

  • Certification: Design of Interactive Interfaces (UX & UI Design) (Specialization Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 60 hours.
  • Dates: February - June.
  • Schedule: One afternoon a week.
  • Coordinators: Fillipe Castro and Anna Pallerols
  • Dr. Natàlia Herèdia
  • Oriol Pascual

The student will obtain the necessary knowledge to design a web/app project taking into account all the stages of the process. Also, the student will be trained in the principles of interaction and design, methodologies and tools necessary to design digital interfaces. The objectives of the program are:

- Approaching the design of an interactive digital project from a perspective focused on the user experience. 

- Knowing the different phases of an interactive digital project.

- Knowing how to apply different methodologies and tools of user experience design and interaction design. 

- Knowing and applying the principles of user interface design for the creation of visual systems. 

- Knowing how to apply the main typologies and techniques of prototyping. 

- Discovering the technologies involved in the development of interactive digital products and knowing how to specify the deliverables needed for digital production. 

- Acquiring the necessary knowledge to apply it in working environments.

Students and professionals in the field of design and communication, or related professions, who are interested in specialized training in web/app graphical user interface design. Knowledge of graphic design software (Photoshop© and Illustrator©) is required.

The students will be able to develop their work, depending on their profile, in the following areas:

  • Design of user interfaces
  • Interaction design
  • Web/app design
  • Digital project management
  • Other professional profiles related to the design of interactive digital products

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