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Course in Graphic Design, Layout and Composition (in Spanish only)

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Specialization Courses | Course in Graphic Design, Layout and Composition (in Spanish only)

Specialize in digital image processing, vector illustration and online and offline editing

The digital creation process, which includes the treatment of images in all their formats, the generation of complex graphic elements and the online and offline layout, requires skill in the handling of the graphic designer's own software tools. Thanks to this course, the students will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to carry out their ideas and projects in a simple way and achieving maximum compatibility between the three programs.

The School's proposal is based on a flexible and personalized methodology, 100% adapted to the students. It is a totally practical training that culminates with the development and presentation of one project at the end of each module. Through these projects, the students will be able to demonstrate their talent by applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course.

  • Degree: Course in Graphic Design, Layout and Composition
  • Duration: 120 hours
  • Dates: Registration open all year round
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On campus

This course is aimed at graphic designers, illustrators, fashion designers, web designers, marketers and, in general, at all those people who want to master the programs of the Adobe suite to create, edit and illustrate any graphic document, from its origin to the final layout and presentation.

Discover the projects made by our students through the Portfolio platform.

The course consists of three modules:

  • Module I: Digital image processing with Adobe Photoshop
  • Module II: Vector drawing and illustration with Adobe Illustrator
  • Module III: Graphic design with Adobe InDesign

Within each of these modules, different types of sessions are held:

  • Program techniques and tools
  • Design fundamentals
  • Masterclasses with experts


Master in Advanced Studies in Social Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University, graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the Ramon Llull University and graduated in Digital Design and Electronic Art from ESDI. Currently she leads the Graphic Design and Communication area of LCI Barcelona. She also directs a graphic design and web development studio that works on generating innovative design solutions, placing the user experience as a differentiating point.

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