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Journalism and Social Media in Fashion (in Spanish only)

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Specialization Courses | 0CMC9PER | Journalism and Social Media in Fashion (in Spanish only)

The Internet has been a new paradigm in the world of communication. Fashion, capable of moving millions of euros and thousands of jobs, has not been the last to rise to a phenomenon that responds so openly to some of its basic fundamentals: immediacy, diffusion and copying.

The new millennium has thus drawn a new fashion journalist, more attentive, documented and reflective. A native user of social networks, the world that opens up to him is surprising, and so are the career opportunities. Faced with professional media, a journalist can answer with criticism and criteria, quickly and with full knowledge of the facts in front of the abyss of information that currently exists.

The aim of this course is to develop multimedia fashion journalists. From the basics of journalism and the logic of an ever-changing industry, to the work process of a collection or the basic tools for contact and approach to brands and protagonists of the industry.

All the available tools will be put on a tray, from the selection of images to the production of text, analyzing and learning how to use all the platforms to which the new journalist has access. We will work on the conceptualization and elaboration of texts (articles, opinions, interviews...) that contribute to gain and strengthen a loyal base of followers in social networks.

  • Certification: Journalism and Social Media in Fashion (Specialization Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 60 hours.
  • Dates: February - June.
  • Schedule: One afternoon a week.
  • Coordinator: Noelia Ramírez

- Giving specific training to professionals in the fashion industry who wish to start or recycle in this sector.

- Formalizing and establishing the most common genres in fashion magazines and trends.

- Displaying the mechanisms of current fashion press.

- Acquiring fluency when writing a text about fashion with the appropriates style and language.

- Dealing with interviews, writing property and knowledge fashion news.

- Mastering Social Media tools on all platforms (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...) and apply them into the new journalism and fashion communication.

- Knowing the use strategies of influencers and new opinion leaders as support to campaigns of knowledge and growth in a community.

  • Professionals of fashion world who wish to deepen their knowledge in the areas of Journalism and Communication.
  • Professionals or graduates in other areas who want to integrate themselves into the fashion world, especially towards Advertising, Journalism and/or Public Relations.

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