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Postgraduate in Theatre Costume Pattern Making (in Spanish only)

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Masters and Postgraduates | ES0.05 | Postgraduate in Theatre Costume Pattern Making (in Spanish only)

This program has been created with the aim of offering technical and conceptual training suitable for professionals and designers who want to specialize in the development of theatre costumes. The postgraduate pays special attention to teaching a methodology that will be very useful for carrying out tailor-made and special projects according to the order.

With a section dedicated to pattern making and construction of period costumes and the creation of very specific pieces, the student will also learn to develop experimental and futuristic works, offering a very versatile training. As a differential content, the program also offers a capsule focused on digital pattern making and costume design for the video game industry.

Through various projects (one of which will be for a company), students will generate their own portfolio and learn a working methodology that responds to the current functioning of the sector. The final project, a research project in pattern making that includes a professional photo session, will be the culmination of the entire learning process.

  • Degree: Postgraduate in Theatre Costume Pattern Making
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Dates: March to July
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On campus
  • Director: Maja Cecuk

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