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Introductory Workshop on Pattern Making (in Spanish only)

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Summer Courses | 0VMP9PAT | Introductory Workshop on Pattern Making (in Spanish only)

*Due to the current health situation, the call for face-to-face summer courses is postponed to 2021. We invite you to discover our online programs for this July.

In this eminently practical course, the student will be introduced to the techniques and tools of pattern making. The program includes the study and development of the main bases of woman (or child) pattern making, the essential knowledge in the patterns transformation and the elementary methods in the assembly and development of prototypes.

  • Certification: Introductory Workshop on Pattern Making (Summer Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 60 hours.
  • Dates: July.
  • Schedule: Morning.
  • Mónica Jiménez

- Acquiring basic knowledge in pattern making.

- Learning to create and develop patterns.

- Knowing how to apply measures correctly.

- Understanding the patterns transformation system.

- Knowing the assembly and clothing techniques for garments.

People who want to take their first steps in the development of patterns and the assembly and making of garments.

Discover the creations of our Fashion Design students.

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