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Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies (English or Spanish)

Masters and Postgraduates | MA4GE | Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies (English or Spanish)

Find out the keys for management and leadership in the fashion industry

This program is supported by the great teaching experience of LCI Barcelona through the legacy of the Felicidad Duce Fashion School and by the international level of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona, with which we have worked closely in the design of a program based on the principles of quality, diversity and competitiveness. The result is a structured teaching plan with professors who are experts in the content, both in the product area and in the disciplines related to the field of finance and business management.

Also noteworthy is the participation of MODACC - Catalan Fashion Cluster, whose collaboration makes possible the development of a professional study program, adapted to the needs and operation of the textile and fashion business sector.

Through the master, a comprehensive training is developed: fast fashion, creation, outdoor & indoor, accessories, luxury, fragrances and cosmetics. The knowledge and skills acquired will allow the student to work in relevant positions in different departments of the fashion industry: creative, production, commercial or communication departments, as well as in financial and business management areas.

Interview with the co-director

We have talked to one of the directors of the master, Dr. Jordi Bachs, to learn more about the program.

Modacc logo

In collaboration with Modacc

The Catalan Fashion Cluster directly connects the program with the business world.

"Simplicity" project

Featured project: "Simplicity"

Business proposal developed by five students of the master for the women's fashion brand Teoh & Lea.

  • Degree: Master in Management and Direction of Fashion Companies (dual degree with University of Barcelona)
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 academic year
  • Start date: October     
  • Language: 
    • English option
    • Spanish option
  • Course type: On campus
  • Professional internships: Extracurricular (900h/company max.)
  • Graduates who want to be professionally oriented in the direction and management of the different areas of the textile and fashion sector.
  • Professionals and managers of companies interested in developing responsibility functions in companies in this area.
  • Professionals who wish to expand and improve their knowledge in order to carry out management functions.


PhD in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Barcelona, where he works as a professor of finance. He has held positions of responsibility in national and international companies and is the author of several books and specialized publications. He is a member of the Royal European Academy of Doctors.


Graduated in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics and Business from the University of Barcelona, Master in Economic-Financial Management from ESADE and Executive MBA from ESIC.

After working as an auditor and financial director in several national companies, she became a businesswoman and, since 2002, she leads a school of higher education in Design and Visual Arts: LCI Barcelona. It belongs to LCI Education, a Canadian educational network that offers the specialty of Fashion Design in its 23 campuses spread across five continents.

Sílvia defines herself as a fighter with a winning spirit who has made her work one of her passions.

  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • Development and production manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Communication manager
  • Brand manager
  • Retail manager
  • Administration manager
  • Consultant in organization and management of fashion companies
  • HR manager

Discover the projects made by our students through the Portfolio platform.

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