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Postgraduate Degree in Coolhunting and Trends Research (in Spanish only)

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Masters and Postgraduates | ES03C | Postgraduate Degree in Coolhunting and Trends Research (in Spanish only)

You can dream it, you can make it.

Coolhunting is the discipline that deals with discovering the present needs of the consumer and anticipating those that will appear in the future, through the combination of sociology, marketing and design. Although trend research has its origins in the fashion sector, it is currently an essential tool used by large multinationals to detect new business opportunities that generate innovation and add value. The success of the coolhunting methodology has transcended the frontiers of the fashion sector and, today, it is applied in almost all commercial sectors: automotive, mass consumption, technology and services. Any company needs to know what the consumer is going to want in the coming years and offer it to him before the competition does. 

In a world overloaded with information, trend prospecting offers a compass for choosing the right, less traveled paths that can lead to the success of our projects. The student will learn to use and manage information properly, to understand the culture of trends and the mechanisms that put it into operation, to develop a critical thinking that allows you to understand and analyze the environment to imagine and build futures.

With a teaching team made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, the study program includes the development of projects and contacts with key players in the sector through study trips to European capitals of reference in training, detection and analysis of market trends.

  • Certification: Postgraduate Degree in Coolhunting and Trends Research
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Dates: 
    • March to July
    • October to February
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On-campus
  • Directors: Sofia Dias and Úrsula Uria
  • Andrés Colmenares
  • Gloria Jover
  • Gastón Lisak
  • Charo Mora
  • Elisabetta Passini
  • Mario Ruiz

- Training future trend prospecting professionals capable of conceptualizing new trend directions for innovation and future construction, and who can correctly identify consumer typologies and profiles.

- Training in the knowledge of work techniques and methodologies in order to be a useful professional for companies in their commercial, social and economic benefit in an individualized way, detecting new consumer interests and new social phenomena that contribute value and innovation.

- Knowing how to manage big data, create connections between diffuse realities and the inputs we receive on a daily basis and be able to extrapolate them as movements or trends and develop them through field studies.

  • Coolhunter
  • Trendspotter
  • Stylesearcher
  • TrendBooker
  • Publicist
  • Market analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Art director

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