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Postgraduate in Styling in Audiovisual Media (in Spanish only)

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Masters and Postgraduates | ES03B | Postgraduate in Styling in Audiovisual Media (in Spanish only)

This professional activity evolves as the film market and commercial shows grow. However, it is the small productions that allow the creative to apply their knowledge and gain experience from practice. The market is demanding and requires professionals who dominate the audiovisual world and know how to communicate through their designs, fabrics and accessories. This postgraduate course offers a broad vision of the professional work of the stylist in the audiovisual media, especially dealing with his work in film, television, theater and music.

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  • Certification: Postgraduate in Styling in Audiovisual Media
  • Language: Spanish
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Program length: 1 semester
  • Dates: March to July
  • Schedule:
    • Option A: Monday to Thursday, 15:30h - 18:30h
    • Option B: Monday to Thursday, 19:00h - 22:00h
  • Director: David Urbano
  • Dani Moon
  • Montse Guals
  • Àlex Llopis
  • Anabel Luna
  • Nuria Segovia
  • Anna Vallés, etc.

This postgraduate is integrated in the Master in Fashion Styling, Publicity and Audiovisual Media, so after completing the program, the student may do, if he/she wants, the Postgraduate in Fashion Styling & Advertising to get the master title.

- Doing research into historical clothes in order to apply the time characteristics in the styling of a scene.

- Analyzing television characters, adjusting their wardrobe in accordance with their features and with stage or setting.

- Knowing the philosophy of music, coordinating accessories and clothing.

- Offering a wide vision of the professional styling environment in the audiovisual means, with special importance on cinema, television, theatre or music.

  • Fashion stylist
  • Coolhunter
  • Advertising creative
  • Personal shopper
  • Fashion advisory
  • Fashion editor
  • Stylist in audiovisual media
  • Scenic costume designer
  • Artistic director

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