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Retail Management & Visual Merchandising in Fashion (in Spanish only)

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Specialization Courses | 0CMC9RET | Retail Management & Visual Merchandising in Fashion (in Spanish only)

This course has been designed to offer a deep knowledge in the retail field through creative, conceptual, technological and commercial strategies to improve and optimize product management, as well as client acquisition and loyalty at the point of sale.

The aim of the program is to provide professionals with different tools that can improve the connection with the public by offering them new shopping experiences. In this way, small, medium and large companies in the fashion sector will be able to transmit their philosophy and identity.

  • Certification: Retail Management & Visual Merchandising in Fashion (Specialization Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 60 hours.
  • Dates: February - June.
  • Schedule: One afternoon a week.
  • Coordinator: Natalia Sala
  • Collaborators: Alicia Izquierdo and the responsibles of Showroom Via Emilia Fashion and Showroom Replay

- Offering specialized training in business management of the retail sector within the current market.

- Providing the necessary tools to make appropriate strategic decisions that define the business model of the point of sale: location, competition, positioning and target.

- Acquiring the necessary know-how, from the conception of the brand to the communication and loyalty of the final customer: purchases and restocking, as well as in-store exposure.

- Knowing the different sales strategies to provoke the right buying experience and consider the follow-up parameters in order to maintain coherence in the business.

- Directing and managing a Human Resources department.

- Knowing how to use color as a tool for expression and communication in oneself and in front of others, in environmental spaces or in the creation of chromatic proposals for fashion collections and shop windows.

- Applying visual merchandising techniques and its perceptual, conceptual and formal resources to resolve doubts and provide solutions to new trend proposals.

Professionals in the fashion sector, designers, image consultants, personal shopper, retailers and in those disciplines in which it is necessary to have a position of responsibility in the retail sector as team manager or business area.

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