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Postgraduate Degree in Creative Illustration in Fashion (in Spanish only)

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Masters and Postgraduates | ES03D | Postgraduate Degree in Creative Illustration in Fashion (in Spanish only)

In recent years, illustration has acquired a prominent force in the fashion sector, whether applied to fabrics and prints or as an element accompanying an advertising campaign or an article in a magazine. For this reason, there is a real demand for illustrators who are able to propose and develop creative projects for the fashion world, in its different professional sectors and different types of media.

Aware of this, this postgraduate course proposes to go deeper into the various fields in which fashion illustrators can develop professionally: editorial illustration, textile graphics and advertising, with the aim of training specialist illustrators and accompanying them in the creation of a first professional portfolio. These projects will be developed by a wide range of professional teachers who are recognized in the sector.

The program proposes a working method based on Learning by Doing with which the student will get to know creative and conceptual processes as each project is developed. At the same time, he will learn contemporary representation techniques, both manual and digital, seeking a balance between the versatility of the digital and the genuineness of traditional drawing techniques.

This postgraduate course is backed by the great teaching experience of LCI Barcelona through the legacy of Felicidad Duce Fashion School, guaranteeing a structured teaching plan adapted to the needs and functioning of the professional sector of fashion illustration.

  • Certification: Postgraduate Degree in Creative Illustration in Fashion
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Dates: October to February
  • Language: Spanish
  • Course type: On-campus
  • Head of area: Estel Vilaseca
  • Gerard Bayego
  • Olga Capdevila
  • Gemma Cortabitarte
  • Kira Diez
  • Marina Esmeraldo
  • Maria Herreros
  • Andrés Hispano
  • Emma Llensa
  • Marta Marín
  • Marc Pallarès
  • Alba Riera
  • Sandra Suy
  • Master classes: Ernesto Artillo and Daniel Barros de Oliveira
  • Graduates in Fine Arts, Architecture, Industrial Design, etc.
  • Graduates in Design (Fashion, Graphics, Interiors, Product, etc.).
  • Graduates in Pattern Making.
  • Professionals, without specific qualifications, who can prove professional experience.
  • Professional illustrators who want to update their knowledge in the sector of fashion illustration and printing.

Illustrators specialized in fashion in the following fields:

  • Textile graphics (print design)
  • Editorial illustration (press and fashion editorials)
  • Advertising illustration
  • Digital and manual illustration
  • Fashion, branding and communication trends

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