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Communication and Social Media in Fashion (in Spanish only)

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Summer Courses | 0VMC9PER | Communication and Social Media in Fashion (in Spanish only)

*Due to the current health situation, the call for face-to-face summer courses is postponed to 2021. We invite you to discover our online programs for this July.

In recent years, social networks have established a new paradigm of social and technological order in which users have taken power. In this context, the figure of the Content Manager, as opposed to the more passive and automaton of the Community Manager, acquires a prevailing voice at a time when content, both its own and that of others, is the best key to a good marketing strategy. What is the core of a brand and how it is represented, how the file is used or how guidelines are established for the generation of a new one are creative fields of this new figure of rapid ascent in the internal structure of a company. 

In this course, the student will learn to define the notion of brand essence and to find a storytelling, a way of telling themselves and the rest of the people, who can survive in speeches as different as the networks in which they navigate. We will study cases of information channels on Twitter, inspiration panels on Instagram, brand documentaries on YouTube, fashion films and even real televisions on Stories. There is no stopping if the content is good and it can connect with existing and aspirational audiences. There is no stopping as long as that new way of explaining, as opposed to the previous rigid communication, is as fluid as the interests and paths of our new superuser.

  • Certification: Communication and Social Media in Fashion (Summer Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 45 hours.
  • Dates: July.
  • Schedule: Evening.
  • Daniel Cantó

- Giving specific training to professionals in the fashion sector who wish to start or retrain in the field of fashion communication on social networks.

- Understanding the status quo and the relationships between brands, media and influencers.

- Acquiring knowledge about the use of different social networks and the language established between brands and users.

- Analyzing user behaviors and segment according to objectives.

- Developing critical thinking and a future vision for the use of social networks.

- Acquiring fluency when writing a text about fashion, with an appropriate style and language.

- Mastering the tools for planning and editing content.

Professionals from the fashion world who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of Journalism and Communication. Professionals or graduates in other areas who want to integrate into the world of fashion, especially towards Advertising, Journalism and/or Public Relations.

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