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Digital Textile Printing (in Spanish only)

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Summer Courses | 0VMD9EDI | Digital Textile Printing (in Spanish only)

*Due to the current health situation, the call for face-to-face summer courses is postponed to 2021. We invite you to discover our online programs for this July.

Textile and fashion companies need creative people who can communicate their designs quickly, clearly and concisely through the use of specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop© and Adobe Illustrator©.

Digital technologies have changed the methodology for the creation of textile prints, increasing significantly the creative possibilities and providing the designer with agile tools for the development and presentation of his collections.

  • Certification: Digital Textile Printing (Summer Course).
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Program length: 45 hours.
  • Dates: July.
  • Schedule: Evening.
  • Beatriz González
  • Aída Giménez

- Applying digital technology to textile printing in the fashion and home sectors.

- Developing an aesthetic and creative approach to print design.

- Implementing concepts of collection creation from the creative and commercial point of view.

Students and professionals of design who are interested in learning how to create prints using Photoshop© and Illustrator© programs. A basic level in design is required.

Discover the creations of our Fashion Design students.

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