DI55ECCIONS with Ignacio de Juan-Creix & Carolina Angeli | LCI Barcelona
November 25, 2020 – 07 p.m. 08 p.m.

DI55ECCIONS with Ignacio de Juan-Creix & Carolina Angeli

The LCI Barcelona cycle of conferences is back!

November 25, 2020 – 07 p.m. 08 p.m.


DI55ECCIONS, the LCI Barcelona cycle of conferences, opens its 4th season to continue giving voice to great experts of design, innovation and creativity and bring them closer to the public. One of the novelties of this edition is its mixed format, which will combine presence (when the situation allows) and live broadcast via streaming.

The first session will be held online on Wednesday, November 25th at 7:00 p.m. (Barcelona time) as part of Barcelona Design Week 2020 Design Districts program and it will feature:

  • Ignacio de Juan-Creix: Co-founder of Plat Institute, a creative platform that addresses the food problems that society will face in the future through R&D, innovation and education. He is also head of Innovation and Emergent Technologies of the brand and customer experience agency VMLY&R and CEO of its observatory specialized in food and health, N3XT.

  • Carolina Angeli: Creative strategist and specialist in innovation and creativity management. She is the CEO of Estruc24 (E24), an R&D and innovation consultancy agency, and of its platform Plat Institute, as well as a partner of Foodture Barcelona, the food design, food tech and sustainability innovation summit born in the Catalan capital.

Fill out the form to receive the access link in your mail the same day of the event (you will also find it on this page).

 What is DI55ECCIONS? 

The term "dissection" comes from the Latin dissectio, which means "action and effect of dividing a thing into multiple parts for examination". This is the approach from which DI55ECCIONS starts: to explore the different areas of the world of design, management, innovation, creativity, technology and sustainability with the aim of drawing inspiring conclusions. The graphic identity of the cycle takes the five as the axis around which each edition revolves, either by the number of speakers, the amount of influences and trends that are exposed, the number of projects presented, etc.

Since its birth in 2016, DI55ECCIONS has had outstanding speakers such as Martí Guixé, Chris Grant, Anna Puigjaner, Carmelo Zappulla, Domestic Data Streamers, Andoni Beristain and Snoop Barcelona, among others, who have told us about their professional career, their work and their creative processes. The evenings have also helped to promote dialogue between guests and attendees, encouraging the exchange of experiences, ideas and tips and fostering networking.

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