DI55ECCIONS with Andoni Beristain
November 07, 2018 – 07 p.m. 08 p.m.

DI55ECCIONS with Andoni Beristain

Renowned professionals of design world talk to us about their experiences and projects.

November 07, 2018 – 07 p.m. 08 p.m.

LCI Barcelona campus, Balmes street 209.

Admission free and limited.

We release the third season of our cycle of conferences, curated by Inés Peláez and the branding agency Toormix. The protagonist of the first session of the 2018/2019 academic year, which will be held on Wednesday 7th November at 19:00h, will be Andoni Beristain, photographer and a creative-art director who has worked for brands such as Apple, Ralph Lauren, Adobe, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Diesel, Carolina Herrera and Wallapop, among many others. On his website, he defines himself as follows: "His shirts are famous, he thinks in the shower, he dislikes heat, he's thorough, symmetrical, colorful and even though he uses humor, he works very seriously. He also likes irony. He's Basque, lives in Barcelona and he knows how to do stuff properly".

Andoni will talk about his career and the different disciplines that coexist within his professional profile. He will also talk about looking for multidisciplinary teams for each project, about his style and how it will evolve in the future. The speaker will also do a case study to explain his creative process.


What is DI55ECCIONS?

Our cycle of conferences aims at bringing and giving voice to renowned professionals from the different areas of design. The mechanics are as follows: 5 speakers will visit us to answer in depth 5 questions about his projects and his experiences in the sector.

Meet us at our campus (Balmes street, 209) to enjoy a great evening about design!

Supported by Vermut Yzaguirre.

Admission to the event is free and limited to the capacity of the location, for what it is necessary to confirm attendance previously.

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