Alfonso de la Fuente shows his overflowing creativity in the second DI55ECCIONS
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Alfonso de la Fuente shows his overflowing creativity in the second DI55ECCIONS

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January 26, 2017

Yesterday afternoon we held a new conference of DI55ECCIONS cycle, in which the founder of Pichiglas and Maians, Alfonso de la Fuente, went through the influences that have affected his multifaceted career and talked about the movements that, in his opinion, will define the future of design.

After being presented by Inés Peláez, curator of the event, the guest began his speech explaining how his passion for lamps made from the reuse of plastic bottles was born. "I like to recover something existing in order to transform it and tell my own story", said de la Fuente, who recycles different materials (ceramics, glass, old doors, PVC pipes, Mecalux shelves and even IKEA products) in his interior decoration for restaurants, bars and shops. The artist from Valladolid was critical of the purist minimalism and stressed the importance of the use of color, a resource to create sensations.

One of the most suggestive moments of the session came when de la Fuente talked about Maians and the idea that he started from to found this shoe firm with Nete Ortaez and Chad Weidmer: "We recovered the classic shoe worn by our grandparents and we redesigned it through the contrast of fabrics and colors". Their ingenious packaging and advertising campaigns have also contributed to the brand’s success.

Reflecting on the present and the future of design, our guest wanted to highlight styles such as Art Deco, Memphis or romantic (his favorite), as well as mentioning the current incursion that fashion does in the field of interior design. "Today, we must tell things when we create, surprise and shock, but never losing our essence, what defines us", explained the speaker, who ended the conference with two announcements: his participation in Prospect Design 2017, which will take place in March, and the upcoming inauguration of a Pichiglas exhibition on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his arrival in Barcelona. We can enjoy again the great talent of Alfonso de la Fuente in both events.

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