Nicasio Torres and Joel Miñana reflect on the present and future of fashion illustration
Within the Postgraduate in Illustration

Nicasio Torres and Joel Miñana reflect on the present and future of fashion illustration

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July 10, 2018

The two professionals were the protagonists of "Illustration and fashion: environments and confluences", a session framed within our Postgraduate in Creative Illustration in Fashion which was moderated by the director of the program, Roser Masip. After a brief introduction, the speakers went into detail, highlighting the importance of illustration and fashion as a reflection of the current context. Joel stressed that "brands want to communicate in a different way and turn to illustrators to get a different view of fashion". In the case of Nicasio, this originality comes from the use of techniques such as Indian ink, watercolors, stains, etc., with which he creates blurred figures that suggest without saying anything.

Our guests also defended the value of handcrafted illustration. "You learn more because you memorize the whole process better", Joel said. "Drawing by hand connects a part of your body to the work, it's a different experience from the digital world", said Nicasio. Asked about the usefulness of social networks, they both agreed that they are a platform for finding references within the industry, sharing their projects and getting in touch with future clients.

Both Nicasio and Joel said they were fortunate to do what they really like and to feel that people recognize their work: "Discovering new spaces and being able to draw them is a great opportunity", Joel said. Nowadays, illustration has a very broad work area that goes beyond clothing and accessories, as shown by the fact that both professionals have worked for different brands, entities, events, etc.

How will the sector evolve in the coming years? The speakers pointed out several aspects to be considered: concern for the environment (sustainability, ecology, etc.) and changes in consumer habits in society. Two trends that will define the future of fashion and, with it, of illustration applied to this field.

If you want to learn more about our Postgraduate in Creative Illustration in Fashion (co-titled with University of Barcelona), click here.

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