Javier Aristu defends the transparency of the design in the third DI55ECCIONS
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Javier Aristu defends the transparency of the design in the third DI55ECCIONS

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March 30, 2017

Yesterday afternoon we held a new conference of our cycle, for which we were joined by Javier Aristu. The founder of the design and communication studio Aristu & Co began his speech by talking about the five influences that have marked him most during his career. After mentioning the British band Iron Maiden, he wanted to emphasize the figure of Milton Glaser, whose work, imbued with messages, taught him that design could be a profession. He also defended the work of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, recognizable in all his films (the most notable, "2001: A Space Odyssey"). Aristu did not want to end this part of the conference without talking about the creative agency KesselsKramer, which made him see the communicative power of design, and especially about Tibor Kalman: "When I read Kalman saying that design is not a content but a language, I knew that this was my way".

In dealing with the future trends of the discipline, the rapporteur chose to highlight different ideas that, in his opinion, are key to understanding the future of the sector: the strategic importance of thinking before designing, the omnipresence of digital environment, the current market situation, the difference between specialized and special products and the need to take a chance on a simple and transparent design.

In the ensuing debate, Aristu answered the questions of the attendees and advised future industry professionals to never tire of looking and thinking before getting in front of the computer. "We must get us into other fields (cinema, photography ...), refresh the mind and, sometimes, take it off the design in its purest form", concluded the guest.

After the conference, all the attendees enjoyed a cocktail in the Agora space courtesy of Moritz and Vermut Yzaguirre as they shared their impressions on the third DI55ECCIONS.

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